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Shri P M Suresh
General Manager IMD & Administration, IDBITC
M: 9400057324
Ph: 040-67875206


Dr. Nihar Ranjan Samal
General Manager, Academics
M: 9246101301
Ph: 040-67875202
IP: 3103


Dr. Ajanta Phatowali
General Manager, Academics IDBITC & ZTCs[10]
M: 9830691901
Ph: 040-67875205


DS Shri G Kumaraswamy
DGM, Program Secretariat - In-House Training, External & Customized Training, ZTC Coordination
M: 8977055658, Ph: 040-67875210
DS Shri Srinivas Kurapati
AGM- Program Secretariat – In- House Training/ External /Customized Training
M: 9848505018, Ph: 040-67875238
DS Shri Kiran Kumar Sunka
AGM, Program Secretariat -In-House Training / OJT/ Summer Internship/ PPT/ PRT/ System Development, ZTC Coordination
M: 966681233  Ph: 040-67875211
DS Shri Dibyendu Saha
Manager, Program Associate/ OJT/ / Summer Internship / Pre-Promotion Training(PPT)/ Pre -Recruitment Training (PRT)
M: 9903648834  Ph: 040-67875224
DS Shri Rohith Saroday
Manager, MIS & HO Coordination, Induction Training
M: 9133679468  Ph: 040-67875223
DS Shri Chandrashekhar Chekurthi
Manager, Program Associate/ ZTC Coordination/ Pre-Promotion Training/ Pre Recruitment Training
M: 9903648834  Ph: 040-67875224


Shri Joogulappa Venumala
DGM, Faculty & Program Director
M: 9440900144, Ph: 040-67875208
Shri Veera Babu Deyyam
DGM, Faculty & Program Director
M: 9000016016, Ph: 040-67875219
Dr. Garimella Bhaskar Narasimha Rao
DGM, Faculty & Program Director
M: 9063198888  Ph: 040-67875209
Shri Sai Ratna Prasad Vagicherla
DGM, Faculty & Program Director
M: 9987616789  Ph: 040-67875207
Shri Rajeev Kumar
AGM, Faculty & Program Director
M: 8340511132  Ph: 040-67875240


Dr. Venkatesh Tamlurkar
DGM - Business Development,
External Training,
OJAS ( E-Learning ) & PGDBF
M: 7702778727, Ph: 040-67875204  
Shri Rahul Tapsay
AGM- Business Development
OJAS ( E-Learning ) & PGDBF
M: 9618014469, Ph: 040-67875216
Dr. Kanishka Khanna
AGM – Business Development,
OJAS ( E-Learning ) & PGDBF
M: 9983737187, Ph: 040-67875231
Smt. Priyanka Mishra
Manager- Business Development. E-Learning IDBITC
M: 9581680801, Ph: 040-67875237
Shri Ganesh Gedam
AGM - Business Development, OJAS ( E-Learning ) & PGDBF
M: 9999362361, Ph: 040-67875221


Shri Antro Prince A
Assistant General Manager.FIMD
M: 7506273455, Ph: 040-67875213  
Smt. Veedhatri Sathola
M: 9391777483, Ph: 040-67875214  
Shri Ranjan Kumar Singh
AGM- Admin & IMD, LRK
M: 7303640508, Ph: 040-67875227  
Shri Gandamala Dinakaran
MGR- Admin & IMD
M: 7738682347, Ph: 040-67875234  
Kum. Gonti Ashritha
MGR- Admin & IMD, Electrical & IT Matters
M: 7995646687, Ph: 040-67875222  
Smt. Shailaja Jada
AM- Admin & IMD , Library
M: 8099443738, Ph: 040-67875226  
Shri Anjaiah S.
Assistant Caretaker
M: 9848591355, Ph: 040-67875229  
Shri Narsing M Rao
Assistant Caretaker
M: 9866424395, Ph: 040-67875235

Road Map
I. From Airport (Rajiv Gandhi International Airport) Airport is 35 kms away from the institute. Pushpak Airport Liner (air-conditioned shuttle service) buses are available from Airport at approximately half-an-hour interval charging Rs 200/- to reach Gachibowli Flyover Junction, which is about 1 km away from IDBITC. From there, you may hire an auto/shared auto to reach the Institute. OR Local taxis are available at Airport that charge fares ranging from Rs 650/- to Rs. 750/- to reach the Institute.

II. From Railway Stations Participants coming by train may get down at any of the following stations:
  • Secunderabad Railway Station (approx 28 kms away from IDBITC)
  • Kachiguda Railway Station (approx 28 kms away from IDBITC)
  • Hyderabad(Nampally) Railway Station (approx 18 kms away from IDBITC)

(In case your train stops at Lingampally Railway Station, you may alight there itself which is 4 – 5 kms away from IDBITC)

IDBI Training College of Banking and Finance (IDBITC), IDBI Bank Corner, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500 032
  (040) 67875200/5300